So Dedicated Servers Load Balancing – Nightmares!

Oh my…

When we got to going here recently, made the switch after YEARS of having all of my websites and services ran through ThePlanet, which then sold out to Softlayer, which then sold out again to IBM… That had to have been the most wretched thing ever to be handed to as an employee… I recall the times when I would just open a ticket and let my support staff know there at ThePlanet how much I appreciate them. Made their day! Let me tell you, I even received three months one Christmas (surprised the sh*t out of me with 118 servers running back from 2000 thru 2010 for my web hosting company I ended up selling due to unseen health problems) because of my ways of doing business and letting everyone know how much I appreciate them for all they do… Well, I did that one time with Softlayer just recently and one of their reps told me, “Don’t waste our time with opening a ticket as such again…”

Well, guess what I surely didn’t waste any time, I moved onto bigger and better services with support like it felt when with ThePlanet before they shifted to Softlayer. Moved about 813TB of data back to my dev machines, 20TB of data to Hivelocity and now we’re all setup at #Hivelocity. Now before you go and Google them, and check out their information and if they’re legit… Let me put it like this, I’m already setup with this site alone on two servers that are purely in godmode (for the gamers) with a lovely load balancer in between and a MySQL server off in the back. 😉

Hivelocity DedicationSo I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Hivelocity and for the main points but not limited to:

  • Their dedication
  • Their superfast and outstanding customer service
  • Their whole team is like having people right in your own office, home office, and they’re so personable they actually go home and help you out on a ticket if they’re assigned one. (Thanks so much Fritz for this)
  • Their location, which is in Tampa, Florida and my old home town. (Bias much?) 😉
  • Mainly their outstanding service, and quick turnaround times vs two-hour response times from a previous service provider. 15 minutes is about the longest I’ve seen…
  • Their online chat is quick responses!
  • Their phone support… BARNONE downright the best when calling in to talk with someone, whether it’s billing, support and etc… They make you feel wanted and AT HOME!

Thank you again, and if anyone is to help another manage a server on their network. Look no further, I’m getting to know most of the techs there by name 🙂 You can call upon myself, which most of you know is your one-stop shop online for anything tech related, public relations, marketing, business development… You name it we do it, however do NOT order unless you take my link! Share my link, give it out, because I BELIEVE in HIVELOCITY! I will always stand behind their services and products always!

Take my link and order dedicated hosting HIVE TODAY! I promise you, you will NOT regret it! Their latency is NIL compared to the ShitPlanet that’s no more. 🙁


Let's roll!~GEEK_THINK!


P.S. Hashtags can’t be copyrighted, because we use them in BASH and other spots you fu*ckers that want to cry about your hashtag is a copyright blah blah blah… Copyright your head out of your ass! /rantover

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